Inshorts Net Worth : Created a company worth Rs 3700 crore after leaving IIT

Inshorts Story
Inshorts Story

Inshorts Net Worth : Created a company worth Rs 3700 crore after leaving IIT – In today’s startup world, India has emerged as a hub for new ventures. With over 100 unicorn startups with valuations of over Rs 100 crore, the country is witnessing a startup revolution. These notable success stories include Inshorts Story, a company that started with modest beginnings and turned into a billion dollar fortune. In this article, we will learn about the interesting journey of Azhar Iqbal, founder of Inshorts Story, who dropped out of IIT to build a Rs 3700 crore company with the help of a Facebook page.

Beginning of Inshorts Story

InShorts started in 2013 when three friends – Azhar Iqbal, Deepit Purkayastha and Anunay Arunav – were students at an IIT college. He started his business journey by creating a simple Facebook page. His idea was inspired by a growing issue at the time: as Internet usage skyrocketed in India, people were turning to the Web for news, but articles were often long and time-consuming to read.

Inshorts News

Inshorts was conceived as a solution to this problem. Keeping in mind the rapidly growing digital world, Azhar Iqbal and his friends decided to provide news in a concise format. They started by condensing news articles to just 60 words, allowing users to stay up to date in a fraction of the time it would take to read traditional articles. The concept quickly gained popularity.

How many downloads are there on Inshorts App?

InShorts quickly rose to prominence in the media industry and became a household name. With over 50 million active users on the InShorts platform (both website and application), their application garnered over 10 million downloads. In today’s age of instant information consumption, InShorts has carved a niche for itself by providing important news in short 60 words.

Inshorts Net Worth 2024?

Azhar Iqbal, along with co-founders Deepit Purkayastha and Anunay Arunav, worked tirelessly to grow InShorts to its current position. The company is now worth an astonishing Rs 3700 crore. Their unwavering dedication and innovative approach to news delivery attracted the attention of investors, leading to an initial funding round in 2013. Subsequently, the company secured a total of $119 million in funding across six rounds, bringing its valuation into the billions.

Founder of Inshorts

The story of Azhar Iqbal and InShorts is once again ready to create a stir in the startup world. In the upcoming third season of the popular TV show ‘Shark Tank India Season 3 New Judges’, Azhar will serve as a judge along with other leading business personalities. This role will see him contribute to India’s thriving startup ecosystem by providing funding to new and innovative startups.


1.) Who is the founder of Inshorts Company?

Ans: InShorts was founded in 2013 by three IIT college friends: Azhar Iqbal, Deepit Purkayastha and Anunay Arunav.

2.) What does Inshorts Company do?

Ans: InShorts is a news aggregator company that summarizes important news from around the world into 60 word summaries for quick and convenient consumption.

3.) What is Inshorts Net Worth?

Ans: InShorts is currently valued at over Rs 3700 crore, which is a testament to its rapid growth and innovation.

4.) What will be the role of Azhar Iqbal in ‘Shark Tank India’?

Ans: Azhar Iqbal, founder of InShorts, will serve as a judge on the third season of ‘Shark Tank India’, where he will promote new startups.

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